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Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash Black x 15

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash Black x 15

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For those who are particularly concerned about shine and stickiness, enzyme face wash powder black.

Contains sebum removal complexes, a black powder-like enzyme face wash that adsorbs darkening dirt, square plugs, excess sebum, and dullness factors* of pores, leading to smooth skin that are less noticeable. It is also recommended for men. It cleanses your skin and prevents acne.

Manufacturer Kanebo (Kanebo)
Contents 0.4g x 15 pieces
Country of origin Japan
Product classification Cosmetics (facial cleanser)
Ingredient labeling Talc, sodium cocoyl acetionic acid, olefin (C14-16) sodium sulphonate, sodium lauroyl glutamate, potassium laurate, sodium milistyl glutamate, caraginan, silk, mechicon, isostealial arco Le, BHT, DPG, ethyl glucoside, lactic acid, potassium hydroxide, protease, sodium hyaluronate, lipase, methylparaben, Moroccan lava clay, charcoal, iron oxide
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