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Comfy Aqua Luminous Moisturising Essence& Emulsion

Comfy Aqua Luminous Moisturising Essence& Emulsion

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Keflex ~ Sodium Hyaluronate Algae Extract Moisturising Essence 120ml
Cosme~Sodium Hyaluronate Algae Extract Moisturising Emulsion 80ml

Effect : Moisturising, deep hydration, limpid hydration, revitalising the skin base.

: 99.8% high purity

💙VC Ethyl Ether💙: Inhibits tyrosinase production
: Inhibits tyrosinase production

💙Thrombinic Acid💙: Multi-faceted "control of darkness
: multi-dimensional "control of dullness".

💙 Kefir ton ton water milk texture are relatively refreshing, but moisturising ingredients are very full, giant biological hyaluronic acid and so on in the inside of the moisturising time can be clearly felt to become long-lasting.

Full-spectrum hyaluronic acid, betaine to engage in the effect of deep penetration rapid hydration, 12 hours of continuous moisturising long-lasting moisturizing, chlorella extract revitalization of the skin bottom.

The combination of water and milk can bring the skin 24 hours of high moisture, strong refreshing, new translucent skincare experience!

The "4S+Z" formulation system is used in all Cosmetiq's products, which is a 4-dimensional cycle of hydration and renewal.
4S+Z" formulation system, i.e., 4-dimensional cycle of hydration and brightening system + circadian rhythm factor, which includes the patented ingredient full-spectrum hyaluronic acid.
Including the patented ingredient full-spectrum hyaluronic acid (invention patent, patent number: ZL201810707842.9)
and Giant Bio's proprietary ingredient Giant Luminescence™.

Giant Luminescence™ contains three ingredients: Eucheuma Extract, Chlorella Extract and Betaine, with Betaine being a strong moisturiser;
Chlorella Extract moisturises and smoothes the skin, while Eucalyptus Mellifera Extract energises and enhances the skin's ability to store water.

Compound full-spectrum hyaluronic acid can efficiently penetrate, rapid hydration, continuous moisturisation of dry skin.

In addition, the active ingredient in Chlorella from the high mountain lakes of the French Pyrenees - circadian factor - is added to regulate the skin's "biological clock".
It can regulate the skin's "biological clock", release the skin's "pressure", restore the skin's circadian rhythm, effectively improve the skin's radiance, away from the dry skin breakout.

The water is also enriched with resurrection herbs to lock in moisture efficiently;
Niacinamide compounded with vc ethyl ether can inhibit melanin formation. The oil of olive fruit oil added to Kefir ton ton milk.
As a natural oil moisturising and nourishing at the same time can maintain the skin's water-oil balance;
Niacinamide, combined with Thrombic Acid, blocks melanin produced by UV rays and brightens the skin layer by layer to reduce dullness.

💦 The ton ton milk not only adds the resurrection grass, avocado tree resin, squalane will be moisturising water locking ability to enhance, also added niacinamide and blood clotting acid, but also to maintain the skin's moisture balance.
Also added niacinamide and clotting acid, in the moisturising at the same time can do from the root of the skin to brighten the skin tone.
No more worrying about the dullness of dry skin.

The combination of the ingredients in this product is not only excellent, but it also ensures the effectiveness of the product, while at the same time, it can do the same thing.
It's not only the best combination of ingredients, but it's also gentle and non-irritating, while ensuring efficacy.
It has a refreshing, non-greasy feel, and can be used by both sensitive and oily skin.
Users do not need to use other products
The user does not need to use other products, can be long-lasting moisturising and brightening, always hydrated, glossy.
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