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Glico Pocky Family Pack - Best before May 2023 Buy1 Free1

Glico Pocky Family Pack - Best before May 2023 Buy1 Free1

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It is a pocky that you can enjoy the gentle sweetness and aroma of strawberries. The combination of pretzels and strawberry / chocolate cream with a crisp and pleasant texture creates exquisite taste. 8 bags that are convenient for home purchases.



Flour (manufactured in Japan), sugar, cacao mass, vegetable oils and fats, whole milk powder, shortening, malt extract, starch, yeast, salt, cocoa butter/emulsifier, flavoring, inflating agent, Anato pigment, seasoning (inorganic salt), (some milk ingredients, wheat, Contains soybeans)


Flour (domestic production), sugar, vegetable oils and fats, lactose, whole milk powder, shortening, strawberry powder, yeast, salt/red beet pigment, seasoning (inorganic salt), flavoring, emulsifier, inflating agent, (some contain milk ingredients, wheat and soybeans)


Milk ingredients, wheat, soybeans

Energy 69 kcal
Proteins 0.93g
Lipids 3.1g
Carbohydrates 9.3g
Equivalent to salt 0.054g
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