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HOR - OH!Baby Scrub Lip Balm - 4g

HOR - OH!Baby Scrub Lip Balm - 4g

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To the smooth and plump "Ubuppo skin"

Hot spring water * Cosmetics "Oh! Baby series."
Based on keratin flexible care, it is easy to clean with 'prescription that feels good with body temperature'.
It melts, is easy to get used to, adheres, and colors...
While enjoying the daily care, slippery and plump "Oh!" We will deliver impressive care.

It is a lip balm that leads to plump and soft lips with two ways of exfoliation and moisturizing pack. It contains Wasanbon Sugar Scrub (*2) to smooth the lips that are rough, rough, and crunchy. It melts with body temperature and sticks tightly to the lips. You can make a moisturizing pack just by applying it, so it is also recommended to use it before going to bed. Contains the original ingredient baby peach ceramide (*3) that leads to lips full of moisture with a lively impression and hot spring water (moisturizing ingredient) from Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, which moisturizes the lips.
Slightly sweet vanilla mint scent.

How to use

Please take out an appropriate amount of the contents (about 2 to 3 mm) and apply it to your lips. Gently rub the top and bottom of your lips together and let them blend in. You can use it without washing it off.


Wasanbon Sugar Scrub (Glucose, Toumitsu, Sakekasu Extract), Baby Peach Ceramide (Peach Juice, Ceramide NG, Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP), Peach Leaf Extract (Peach Leaf Extract), Hot Spring Water, Peach Butter (Peach Fruit) Real extract, astopotassium mulmuru seed fat), amino moisturizer (lauroyl glutamate di (phytosteryl/octylddecyl)) (all moisturizing ingredients), stearyl glycyrrhizinate (skin protection ingredient), Diisostearyl malate, hydrosed polyisobutene, hydroxy alkyl (C16-18) hydroxy dimer linole ether, ethylhexyl hydroxystearate, hydropolydecene, synthetic wax, triethylhexylhexate Xacinone, lauroyl glutamate di (phytosteryl/octyldodecyl), glucose, silica, hot spring water, ceramide NG, ceramide NP, ceramide AP, peach juice, peach leaf extract, peach fruit extract, astrolaria Murumuru seed fat, stearyl glycyrrhetinic acid, tow mitz, sake lees extract, candelilla wax, candelilla wax esters, neohesperidin dihydrocalcone, tocopherol, carnauba wax, BG, water, glycerin, Spices

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