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KANYU Gel Body Warmer

KANYU Gel Body Warmer

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It is a gel type body warmer that can be easily used just by microwave. It is convenient when you want a little warmth, such as warming your stomach or cooling measures in summer. The moisturizing gel provides soft and gentle warmth of hot water. It's an affordable and easy- to use size. It's economical because it can be used repeatedly. It's a cute heart.

[Gel bag]: Made in Japan: Water, polyvalent alcohol, polymer water-absorbing resin, polyethylene
Package: W130 x H205 x D20mm Weight 195g
Body: W150 x H105 x D20mm Weight 190g
Set contents: Cover 1, gel bag 1
(Old product name: It will be the same product content as high school girl gel body warmer)

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