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Kose Bihada Syokunin 7 pcs - 7 pcs 30%off

Kose Bihada Syokunin 7 pcs - 7 pcs 30%off

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It is carefully selected rice bran oil that moisturizes the skin.

It is a natural mask made by craftsmen that the domestic soft sheet of the handmade Japanese paper method fits the skin and leads to moist and smooth skin with pores.

How to use

  • Please use it for clean skin after washing your face
  • You can use it for daily skin care
  • After using the mask, it is more effective if you apply it to your skin with milky lotion, cream, etc. 


Water, BG, DPG, glycerin, PEG-8, glycine, hot spring water, EDTA-2Na, PEG-50 isostea hydrated castor oil, xanthan gum, citric acid, sodium citrate, rice currant oil, diglycerin, triethylhex Sanoin Phenoxyethanol

Brand クリアターン
Item Form Sheet
Scent Unscented
Material Type Free 鉱物油フリー, 無着色
Skin Type 全肌
Special Feature Moisturizes and moisturizes
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