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KOSE - Clean Turn Skin Plumping Mask x 50 pcs

KOSE - Clean Turn Skin Plumping Mask x 50 pcs

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Dry fine lines. Countermeasure mask

Efficacy evaluation has been tested.

  • With one mask, you can play the effect of 6 roles of lotion + beauty serum + milky lotion + cream + pack + eye mask. 
  • Both eyes and mouth, moisturises deep into the stratum corner with the sealing effect of the mask and intensive care for dry fine lines. It leads to plump skin.
  • It is a large-capacity mask that can be used every day with 50 sheets.

How to Use

  • Please use it for clean skin after washing your face. 
  • If you are worried about dryness, please apply your skin with milky lotion, cream etc after using the mask
  • It can also be used for morning care. 


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