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Shiseido Maquillage Perfect Black Liner (CT) - BK999 Black

Shiseido Maquillage Perfect Black Liner (CT) - BK999 Black

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Jet-black liquid eyeliner that can be drawn without blurring delicately or boldly

It's resistant to tears, and it's a big eye that makes black eyes stand out.
A brush pen type quick-drying liquid eyeliner with a chewy brush tip and glossy jet black, with flexible lines without blurring, and a long-lasting finish*.

A water proof that is resistant to tears, sweat, sebum, and rubbing.

*13 hours Finished and lasting data has been acquired (according to Shiseido.) The effect varies from person to person.)

How to use

Try along the hairline of the eyelashes to fill the eyelashes.
●Because it is a type that is hard to fall off, we recommend using an oily eye makeup remover.

<How to pull well>
●Use the tip of the brush to draw a line along the edge of the eyes.
●After drawing on the edge of the eyes, there is also an arrangement like this according to the image.

~Cool and sexy big eyes~
・ It bounces up from the corner of the eyes.

~Big eyes with a loved mood~
・ Draw thicker on top of black eyes.

<How to set at the time of purchase>
●Please set the cartridge on the holder and use it.

(1) Remove the cap, turn the holder, and remove the tip from the container body. ( Figure 1)
(2) Insert the silver ball side of the cartridge firmly so that there is no gap at the tip, and set it again on the main body of the container. ( Figure 2)

(3) Un loosen the tip of the brush. With the tip facing down, press and hold the push button down to the end for about 2 seconds. Repeat this around 10 times and let the tip of the brush thoroughly with the liquid. ( Figure 3)
※Depending on how you push it, the number of pushes may vary.
※It may take some time for the liquid to spread to the entire brush, so please be careful not to press the push button too much.

●When you start using it or the tip of the brush is broken and it difficult to use, press the push button several times to spread the liquid to the entire brush, and adjust the tip of the brush with tissue paper before using it.
●If the line is hoarse and it becomes difficult to draw, please put on the cap and shake the container several times. After that, remove the cap, press the push button several times, and use it with plenty of liquid in the tip of the brush.
●If you use it from the top of the eye shadow, it may cause the liquid to come out easily, so we recommend that you use it first.

※If the inside is gone, please purchase the "Makiage Perfect Black Liner BK999 (cartridge)" sold separately.

Precautions for use

◇When the inside is gone, please replace it with a new cartridge sold separately. ( If you leave it without the middle, the tip of the brush will dry and worsen the penetration of the liquid.)
◇If you put it on your clothes, it won't fall off, so please be careful not to stick.
◇Please do not put it in the sun or in the hot place.
◇Please be sure to close the cap after use.
◇Because it is excellent in quick-drying, even when the cap is closed, it may be left without use for a long time, or if the eye shadow or foundation adheres, the tip of the brush may dry and harden. In that case, slowly press the push button several times to soak in the liquid, and then carefully wipe off the tip with tissue paper.
◇Be careful not to get into your eyes and rinse it off as soon as you enter.
◇Depending on changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure (such as boarding an airplane), liquid may overflow when using it. If the liquid overflows from the tip of the brush, wipe off the excess liquid with tissue paper, and adjust the tip of the brush before using it.
◇If you press the push button while the brush is hardened or the liquid is fully contained in the tip of the brush, the liquid may accumulate from the base of the brush. There is no problem with the quality of the contents, so please be careful not to drip the liquid.
◇Please do not wash the tip of the brush with water.
◇If you can't fix the cartridge smoothly, or if the brush becomes hard and you can't draw, please purchase a new product.


Water, BG, alkyl copolymer ammonium acrylate, 1, 2-hexanediol, axerate copolymer ammonium, sodium acetyl hyaluronic acid, behenes-30, glycerin, AMP, simethicone, bentonite ,Polyglyceryl-3 disiloxane dimethicone,sorbitan laurate,sorbitan palmitate,hydrous palm oil fatty acid glyceriz,sorbitin trioleate,sucrose palmitate, tocopherol,phenoxyeta Knoll, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Carbon Black, Red 226

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