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UHA Shigekix Sour Soda Gummies

UHA Shigekix Sour Soda Gummies

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You can taste Shigekix that is so sour that you can wake up involuntarily.
I finished the taste of being able to feel the highest level 5 Shigeki of the "Sourness Level" familiar with the Shigekix brand.

It is designed by Shigekix (Shigeki) (Shigeki) of Bboy, a representative of Japan, who is an ambassador of the Shigekix brand and will lead the next era.

Nutrient per 1 bags

Energy  63 kcal
Protein  2.0g
Fat  0g
Carbohydrates  16.2g
Salt equivalent  0.01g
Vitamin C  120mg



Sugar (manufactured in Thailand, made in Japan), gelatin, concentrated apple juice, bactericidal lactic acid bacteria drink, fructose glucose liquid sugar, starch syrup / sweetener (sorbitol, acesulfame K, sucralose), acidulant, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), processed N, vitamin C, flavoring, calcium carbonate, coloring (curd beanth), (some contain dairy ingredients, apples, and gelatin)


Milk, Apples and Gelatin

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