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Unicharm Silcot Premium Cotton 66sh

Unicharm Silcot Premium Cotton 66sh

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Uses 100% Natural cotton which is fluffy, light and moist which provides high quality comfort to the skin.

No fuzz means you can use it in many ways.

  • For patting or pressing lotion or milky lotion
  • For wiping or removing makeup with wipe-off lotion or cleansing lotion
  • For using with a facial device or nail polish remover

Three advantages of good moist feelings

1. Created light and moist texture by adding moisturizing ingredient* to natural cotton!

2. Round cut - no corners. Thoughtful side stitch allows for smooth gliding on your skin

3. Hidden one-point design puffs to make you feel happy. One in several puffs has an embossed "Happy Clover" motif.


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