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ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential

ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential

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Adjust the condition of the skin to prevent trouble.
Medicated lotion that keeps the beauty healthy.

It prepares the skin that tends to be in good condition due to changes in the season and environment, and prevents skin dryness and dryness.

Contains "coix seed extract (Yokuininin extract)" and "coix seed oil (oil-soluble yokuininin extract)" extracted from the domestic variety "Kita no Hato" as moisturizing ingredients.

The moment you touch it is fresh, but when the moisture spreads in every corner of the skin (corner layer), it becomes moist and smooth.It is a floral bouquet scent that will make your heart beautiful.

How to use

For morning and night care, wash your face → after milky lotion, put plenty of it in cotton and blend it into the whole face while lightly patting.

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