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&be Black Sponge

&be Black Sponge

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It is a cone-shaped makeup sponge that finishes in every detail. Adopts a smooth skin puff that sticks to the comfort of makeup.

It is an exquisite size that is easy to hold in women's hands, and it is a multi-use item that can be used for any product, whether it is powder or liquid.

Cone-shaped shape that finishes without detail

Finish all the details.

When applying on a wide surface, it is a convenient cone-shaped sponge that can be finished in detail by using the sides for the brushing and stretching the concealer and blurring of the border, and the fine parts around the nose by using the tip.

Smooth skin

I feel comfortable when I'm wearing makeup.

Urethane puff with smooth processing on the surface. I reduced the friction stress of the puff as much as possible with smooth skin. We are also particular about the softness of the puff that affects the impression of touch, and we are particular about making it so that you can feel comfortable when you are wearing makeup.

Easy-to-hold size design

Exquisite size that is easy to hold in women's hands

Exquisite size that is easy to hold in women's hands. It is a size shape that can be easily grasped and moved without extra force, so you can use a sponge without stress. It is a makeup sponge recommended for those who are clumsy.

Powder and liquid are OK.

Powder, liquid, and any product blend naturally.

It is also useful for stretching the liquid base and sunscreen, and for blending fan sealers. It is a multi-use sponge puff that can also be used to blend a highlighter or apply pressed powder.

There is water and it can be used.

When you make powder products natural while tightening pores

If you use it with water and squeeze it tightly, you can also finish the base makeup by using water. ※ If you want to apply powder products naturally, please try using water if you want to make up while tightening pores.

How to use

Apply powder or highlighter while sliding it lightly with the cheeks and forehead on the bottom of the sponge, and the eyes, wrinkles, and small nose, etc., use the thin part of the tip. The sponge side is perfect for blending liquid foundations, concealers and shading directly on the skin.



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