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BIOHYALUX Moisturizing Soothing Mask Brighting 5pc

BIOHYALUX Moisturizing Soothing Mask Brighting 5pc

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Moisturizing water bright and transparent mask, bursting water transparent "plump and glowing mask". Deep hydration, light and bright, repair and nourishment

Three ingredients are added to create a translucent and smooth skin: chlorite extract balances water and oil; coagulant acid hydrates and moisturizes, and makes the skin beautiful; SEPITONIC™M3 repairs and nourishes the skin, moisturizes the skin; the fleshy membrane is as close as your own skin, and the fiber is as slender as 1% of hair, locking the luxurious essence, gives the skin water and shine, with its own beauty Filters.

Suitable for all skin type


coagulant acid; Niacinamide; Mammel extract; SEPITONIC™M3; hives hyaluronic acid

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