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Canmake Creamy Touch Pearl

Canmake Creamy Touch Pearl

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You’ll adore the tantalizingly smooth texture!
Ultra-fine glitter shadow for your lower eyelids

Glides on gently
● The soft tip is very gentle on your skin, making it easier to draw a glitter line than with an eyeshadow
applicator tip.

Slim 2 mm tip
● The slim 2 mm tip offers tremendous maneuverability, making it simple to draw fine lines on your
lower lids, too ♪
● Twist-up design means that the tip stays slim.

Rich glitter makes it simple to give eyes a luscious shimmer
● Delivers scintillating high-intensity glitter with just one application, so there’s no need to go over
the line again.
● Creates a finer glitter line than powder eyeshadows, for eyes that glisten naturally with an understated
shimmer ❤

A beautiful line that lasts and lasts
● Once dry, it clings to your lids and won’t budge a millimeter!
Waterproof formulation resistant to water, sweat, and tears.
● Stands up to rubbing and sebum, so your make-up stays looking as fresh as it did when you first applied it.

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