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Canmake Eyebrow Capellini Slim

Canmake Eyebrow Capellini Slim

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Creates salon-quality brows!
Brow pencil with an ultra-slim 0.97 mm tip ensures the tail and outline of your brows is super-sharp

What does cappellini mean?
● Cappellini is the name of a type of long, very thin pasta with a circular cross-section and a diameter of less than a millimeter.
● Derived from the Italian word “cappelli,” meaning “hair,” the name is thought to have been applied because the pasta was regarded as being as fine as human hair.
● This product’s key feature is its ultra-slim tip, which is as fine as cappellini pasta.

Ultra-fine 0.97 mm tip creates a salon-quality finish!

How to use

Starting from the tail of the brow, draw individual hairs with swift motions, as though the hairs are actually growing there,following the direction of growth.

・Twist up to expose about 1 mm of the tip and avoid applying pressure when drawing your brows.
 After use, ensure you twist the tip back in before putting the pencil away.
・Take care not to twist the tip out too far or subject the pencil to impact by dropping it, etc.,as this could cause the tip to break.
・Due to the nature of this product, the tip may turn white, but this does not indicate a problem with the quality.

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