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Canmake Styling Dual Eyebrow

Canmake Styling Dual Eyebrow

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Wax-based × Powder-based
Achieve soft, well-defined brows by combining textures and intensities ♡

A finish that looks just like natural brows
● Layering the differing textures and intensities of the wax- and powder-based brow colors creates an exquisitely nuanced effect, for a finish that looks just like natural brows.

Wax-based color
: This rich shade delivers bold color that fills in the gaps between brow hairs and evens out your brow shape. Despite the wax-based formula, it doesn’t feel sticky and keeps brows looking perky for hours. Creates a finish that looks just like the natural pattern of brow growth.

Powder-based color: This light, smoky shade brings out the depth in your brows, for a beautifully defined finish.

Simple to use—no special skills needed!
● Formulated with spherical powder to ensure smooth, even, flawless application, so even newcomers to 
    wax-based formulas can draw nice, neat brows!
Stays looking fresh for hours!
● Laying the powder-based shade over the wax-based, highly water-repellent color boosts the powder’s cling and gives it superb staying power!
● While the tail of the brow tends to wear off easily with most eyebrow products, this powerful water-, sweat-, and rub-resistant formula ensures that it stays firmly in place!
Carefully designed double-ended brush
● Comes with a compact, handy double-ended brush.
Angled brush: Short bristles with just the right degree of firmness make it ideal for the tail of the brow!
Thick brush: Arched design provides the right fit for the head of the brow. The soft, long bristles create a soft, smoky finish.
Formulated with serum ingredients
● Contains moisturizing agents argan oil (Argania spinosa kernel oil) and Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil.

2-free formulation
● Paraben-free
● Mineral oil-free

Every container is unique
● The marbled pattern of the cap is produced by a kneading process that results in a different pattern each time, so each cap is the only one of its kind in the world. 
Now you can feel special, knowing nobody else has exactly the same container as you.

How to use

(1) Apply the wax-based color to the angled brush and then draw the whole of the brow, adjusting the direction of brow growth.

Head of the brow: Draw the hairs pointing upwards
Middle to tail of the brow: Glide along the brow, following the direction of growth.

(2) To finish, apply the powder-based shade to the thick brush, stroke it lightly across your brows, and you’re done!

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