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COCOCHI Ultimate Sleeping Pack

COCOCHI Ultimate Sleeping Pack

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  • COCOCHI COSME proudly presents its empowered AG system
  • Added with super antioxidants, this sleeping pack fights off the AGEs, repairs skin cells throughtout the nights. Skin becomes soft, tender and fine in the next day
  • Added with LIPDURE, a tiny moisturizing factor can penetrate deep down the the skin cells, improve dullness, dryness, yellowish, wrinkles and big pores
  • 5 super anti-oxidants are added to reverse aging: astaxanthin, cyanocobalamin VB12, water-soluble proteoglycan, palmitopentapeptide-4, safflower flower extract, which continuously improves skin texture, spots, pigments, redness and unstablity
  • Italy Monde Selection Gold Award, ensuring the ingredients are of food grade
  • No colourant and no parabens, no UV absorber which is suitable for sensitive skin

How to use

1.  Apply the lotion, eye essence and cream on a clean face before using this product
2. Unseal the capsule, mix the "egg yolk" & "egg white" together with the attached spoon
3. Apply the blended essence to the face & neck for 10-15mins, avoid the eye contour
4. Gently massage the face to enhance the absorption and leave it for overnight


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