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VOOLGA Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Dressing Black - 5 pcs

VOOLGA Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Dressing Black - 5 pcs

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oolga Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Dressing Mask, helps in anti-acne and pimple, moisturizing, repairing and soothing the skin.

Designed for professional plastic surgury use.

This mask is suitable for people with mild or moderate acne, and can promote wound healing and skin repair. The mask sheet is made of carbon black, which can absorb the dirt from the pore effectively, preventing the acne and pimple.

It can improve skin moisture retention, regulate water-oil balance, build skin moisturizing system, and make skin moist, tender and smooth. At the same time, it can also shrink pore and delicate skin.

Product Features: 

  • Anti-acne & anti-pimple,
  • Anti-redness,
  • Moisturizing, nourishing, and skin soothing.

How to use:

  • After cleansing routine, apply toner
  • Open face mask package, unfold and carefully adjust mask to face
  • Remove mask sheet after 10-20 minutes
  • Gently massage remaining contents into skin

Please note: No Need to Wash Off. Recommended for use 1-2 times a week.


sodium hyaluronate, water for injection, sodium ethyl paraben, sodium propyl paraben, carbomer 940, non-woven fabric 


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