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Clé de Peau

CPB Softening Cleansing Foam 140g

CPB Softening Cleansing Foam 140g

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For the skin that continues to shine.

It is a facial cleansing foam that elegantly wraps the skin with dense foam that contains moisture ingredients* and naturally derived amino acids and washes it into a moist skin.

While leaving the moisture necessary for the skin, it removes only unnecessary dirt, and leads to beautiful and smooth skin that shines up one by one. Moist type.
*W hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic acid Na, Acetyl hyaluronic acid Na)

How to use

Put about 1 cm in the palm of your hand, whisk well, and then wash. Rinse with water or lukewarm water.

Precautions for use

  • Please be careful not to get it in your eyes. If it gets into your eyes, please rinse immediately with water or lukewarm water.
  • After use, wipe the mouth of the container cleanly and close the cap properly.
  • Please don't put it in the sun or at high temperatures.
  • If you use a bathroom dryer, please do not put it in the bathroom.
  • Please put it out of the reach of infants.


Water, glycerin, stearic acid, sorbitol, myristic acid, PEG-6, PEG-32, K hydroxide, lauric acid, PEG-20 glyceryl isostearate, cocoyl methyl taurine Na, lauryl betain, stear Glyceryl anoate (SE), beeswax, polyquaternium-39, PEG/PPG-14/7 dimethyl ether, trehalose, PEG-90M, PEG/PPG-36/41 dimethyl ether, polyacrylate Na, Kiichi Go extract, diamond powder, serine, glycine, white jellyfish polysaccharide, acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, hyaluronic acid Na, pirunus root extract, hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed conchiolin, perilla leaf extract, tocopherol, silica, EDTA-2Na, BG, Theanine, Pyrosulfite Na, BHT, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance, Iron Oxide

※Due to product improvement and changes in the display method, some ingredients may differ from the actual ingredients. Please see the product display for the actual ingredients.

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