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Eve A Tablets (24/36 Tablets)

Eve A Tablets (24/36 Tablets)

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Ibuprofen formulations Pain and fever

Eve A tablets are formulated with aylisopropyl urea and anhydrous caffeine that enhances its analgesic and antipyretic and antipyretic effects of ibuprofen, which is quick and excellent for pain and heat.

☆It works well under the pain and suppresses painful pain well.
☆It is a small film coating tablet that is easy to swallow.

Indications and Usage

・Menstrual cramps, headache, toothache, sore throat, joint pain, muscular aches, nerve pain, backache, stiff shoulders, pain from tooth extraction, pain from bruising, ear pain, pain from bone fracture, pain from sprain, and pain from trauma
・Reduces chills and fever

Dosage and Administration

Take the following dose at intervals of more than 4 hours and do not exceed 3 doses per day. If possible, avoid taking on an empty stomach. Drink water with each dose.


Product Features

Feature 1 Ibuprofen suppressescause of pain such as low back pain, shoulder pain, sore throat and headaches

Feature 2 Contains ingredients to increase efficacy of ibuprofen

Feature 3 Small tablets are  easy to take

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