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Excel Lustering Sheer Powder 10g

Excel Lustering Sheer Powder 10g

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Made in: Japan
Catalog No.: 1106813980


  • Light and smooth to be transparent.


  • A delicate touch powder that melts in gloss with a single application


  • Blends pearls of different sizes to create a three-dimensional luster.


  • It has a delicate shine and blends into the skin.


  • Uses pearls that do not dull over time.


  • It is hard to whiten and adds a light sheer feeling.


  • It catches excess sebum and prevents it from collapsing.


  • A long-lasting finish that is freshly applied with a powder that has a feeling of adhesion.


  • Clear type that does not interfere with the finish of makeup.


  • A powder that does not turn white even when layered, giving it a transparent luster.

    How to use:


  • To finish the base make-up, gently brush your skin with a brush.


  • Keeps the glossiness created by liquid and cream foundation, and makes your skin smooth and comfortable.


  • Apply softly with a brush after the base.


  • For natural glossy skin that makes the most of the feeling of bare skin.
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