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FANCL Beauty Rise 30 days FANCL【抗衰老】抗糖丸修复抗糖化片30日份180粒

FANCL Beauty Rise 30 days FANCL【抗衰老】抗糖丸修复抗糖化片30日份180粒

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FANCL's best beauty supplement that focuses on the science of aging. It is a beauty ingredient "AG polyphenol" that combines pomegranate polyphenols and apple polyphenols. To the beauty that changes from the inside every day, with youthful, transparency and firmness.

[Overday estimate]

6 tablets

[Main ingredients / 6 tablets per day]

AG polyphenol extract powder: 10 mg, HTC fish collagen (tripeptide high-containing collagen peptide): 1000 mg, rose bud extract powder: 10 mg, hydroxytyrosol: 20 mg, L-cystine: 24 0mg, Vitamin C: 300mg

[Allergen (of 28 items)]

Apples, gelatin


※If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please do not eat it.

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