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FANCL Turmeric Supplement Ex 芳珂姜黄革命EX 解酒丸

FANCL Turmeric Supplement Ex 芳珂姜黄革命EX 解酒丸

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A turmeric supplement that is better absorbed than ordinary curcuminoids and contains white reduced curcuminoids that work immediately in the body. I also added cystine to support a refreshing feeling.

A capsule type that does not disturb the taste of the toast. It's individually wrapped and convenient to carry, so it's recommended for those who have a lot of alcohol.

[Overday estimate]

1 grain

[Main ingredients / per pill per day]

Reduced curcuminoids: 40mg, cistin: 240mg

[Allergen (of 28 items)]

Not applicable


※If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please do not eat it.
※Please do not give a strong impact when carrying it.

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