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FANCL vegetable Enzymes FANCL满点野菜30日份

FANCL vegetable Enzymes FANCL满点野菜30日份

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Easy to make 18 kinds of vegetable ingredients!

In order to maintain health, it is important to take vegetables in a balanced manner. "Full-point vegetables" is a special blend of ingredients of 18 kinds of vegetables.

With a formula that crushes whole vegetables and grains only with the ingredients of vegetables, you can easily replenish the power of vegetables that are said to be good for your health.

If you don't have enough vegetables, let's add it well and energize from the inside.

Fancl 滿點野菜蘊含18種營養蔬菜,簡便即食。嚴選18 種四季蔬菜,採用專利製法(日本專利第4233242 號:只使用蔬菜及來蔬菜的成分製成),把蔬菜磨成粉末後製成丸裝,能均衡又方便地攝取多種顏色及平日較少攝取的蔬菜營養。


[Overday estimate]

5 tablets

[Main ingredients / per 5 tablets per day]

Beta-carotene: 43μg, ORAC total: 924μmol TE, SOD-like activity: 15,000 units, total chlorophyll: 0.5-3.4mg

[18 kinds of vegetables]

Barley young leaves, onion, thyme, green tea, rosemary, tomato, basil, Moroheiya, turmeric, soybeans, tomorrow leaves, purple sweet potato, carrot, kale, parsley, paprika, pumpkin, broccoli sprouts

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