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Glico Bisco 15 sheets

Glico Bisco 15 sheets

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It is a lactic acid bacteria cream sandwich made from Hokkaido milk sandwiched with a biscuit with a gentle sweetness.

You can take lactic acid bacteria that wake up in your stomach and dietary fiber together.

In addition, considering the growing children, we also contain calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

Flour (domestic production), sugar, shortening, lactose, vegetable oils and fats, whole milk powder, inulin, salt, starch, wheat protein, lactic acid bacteria/carbonate calcium, inflating agent, flavoring, emulsifier, seasoning (amino acids), V.B1, V.B2, V.D, (some Contains dairy ingredients and wheat)
Milk ingredients and wheat

Per pack of nutrients (standard 21.5g)

Energy 108 kcal
Proteins 1.2g
Lipids 4.9g
Carbohydrates 14.6g
-Carbohydrates 13.9g
- Dietary fiber 0.65g
Equivalent to salt 0.11g
Calcium 120mg
Vitamin B1 0.080mg
Vitamin B2 0.10mg
Vitamin D 0.60μg


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