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GRAINRAIN Whiting Mask-1pc

GRAINRAIN Whiting Mask-1pc

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GRAINRAIN Whiting Mask-1pc

Production Licence No.: 20170114

Application scope] For general population of all skin types

Specification] 1 box * 6 pieces

Transformation of the milk muscle a coated two compact brightening, continuous repair of hydration and strong, milk skin membrane cloth to accelerate the absorption.

Contains essence + microfibre film cloth

Containing whitening and antioxidant light glycyrrhizin, as well as dextran and ceramides to soothe and calm the skin, and more crucially, the addition of "acetylated hyaluronic acid" to strengthen the barrier and smooth the skin to achieve a rejuvenating effect, visibly alleviating the small lines and dryness and roughness, the skin appears more translucent and bright.

The microfibre membrane cloth used, the amount of essence wrapped is several times that of ordinary masks, the essence will not drip even if it is full, so you can walk around with the mask on. At the same time, the formation of high-energy osmotic pressure, the essence of rapid pressure into the skin to promote faster absorption of the skin, more full, presenting a full of water full of glistening white state. Mask cloth such as fresh milk boiling surface of a thin layer of milk skin, soft and sticky, silky white, soft to suit, 15 minutes to enjoy the rich moisturising white skin milk bath.

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