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HONYARADOH Eye Masks Assorted - 6 pcs

HONYARADOH Eye Masks Assorted - 6 pcs

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A cute eye mask with an animal pattern. There are three types: a cat, a rabbit, and a bear. You can choose according to your mood. Wow, your eyes are open type, so you can do what you like during care.

A set of 6 warm eye masks assorted D (2 pieces each of a kites, rabbits, and bear)


Surface material/polyethylene terephthalate, polyethylene, polypropylene, fragrance
Heating element/iron powder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, salts

Precautions for use

●Do not use it in conjunction with eye packs or face packs.
●Please do not use eye drops immediately after eye drops. Please use it after a while.
●If you have inflammation around your eyes, are sensitive to heat, have a reduced warm feeling, or are being treated by a doctor,
Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before using it.
●Please do not use it if you can not stop using it immediately at your own will, such as infants, the elderly, or people with physical disabilities. < Precautions for use〉●If you have any abnormalities such as scratches, swelling, or eczema in the area that touches this product, please do not use it.
●If you are currently in the hospital or are worried about using this product due to a chronic disease, please consult your doctor.
●If you feel that it is too hot, or if you feel abnormalities such as itching, pain, eczema or swelling on your skin or body,
Stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.
●Please note that if you apply unreasonable force, there is a risk of damage. Please do not use damaged items. ●When the eye mask is torn and the contents adhere to the skin, please rinse it off with water or wipe it off.
●In the unlikely event that it gets into your eyes, do not rub it, rinse immediately with water and get a doctor's diagnosis.
●Please do not use it at bedtime.
●Please be careful not to cause water or moisture.
●The perceived temperature and duration vary depending on the environment, etc.〈 Precautions for storage〉●After fever, it can not be reused, so according to the classification specified by the local government
Please dispose of it.
●Please keep it out of reach of small children.
●If the individual packaging is damaged, you may not be able to use it.
●Please store away from direct sunlight, hot and humid places, and heat sources.

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