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ITO Disposable Facial Towel 100% Cotton 80pieces / Bag

ITO Disposable Facial Towel 100% Cotton 80pieces / Bag

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Say goodbye to microorganisms-have you ever encountered the mildew of smelly towels? These smells are caused by microorganisms!

Are you afraid of anything dirty hidden in a towel? If so, please try to use ITO disposable face towel! Gentle to sensitive skin-sensitive skin is easy to be irritated.

Use our soft, high-quality cleansing face towel to relieve bacteria-filled towels and provide healthy hygiene care for your sensitive skin.

Non-irritating ingredients-ITO organic and biodegradable towels do not contain chemicals, no fragrance, no irritation, and are made of natural fibers of high-quality cotton, wood and bamboo.

Gentle enough to fit children's lower parts, hands and sensitive faces. Super soft water absorption-increase the tensile strength of facial tissue, durable and tear-resistant.

Strong water absorption, can lock moisture, dry the face and hands.

Not easy to break after absorbing water, gentle cleaning.

Can be washed 2~3 times.

Multi-purpose-keep your towel clean and clean towel in your home, gym bag or travel.

It is very suitable for accidental confusion when baby care, makeup remover and going out.

It can be used to dry the face after cleansing, or moisturize to remove cosmetics and other impurities.

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