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Kabaya Pure & Natural Jelly

Kabaya Pure & Natural Jelly

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It is a gummy characterized by the soft texture of the fluffy and fluffy.

It has a fresh aroma like a real fruit and a sweet and sour taste like an apple with honey. We use domestic fruit juice.

The amount of juice has increased.


Sugar (made in foreign countries, made in Japan), starch syrup, concentrated apple juice, maltose, gelatin, honey, vegetable oils and fats/sorbitol, trehalose, acidulant, processed starch, calcium lactate, gelling agent (sodium alginate, pectin), flavoring, man Nitol, safflower yellow, brightener, (some contain wheat, gelatin and apples)


Wheat, Apple/Grape, 

Per bag (58g) (estimated value)

Energy 187 kcal
Liquids 0.2g
Salt 0.14g
Carbohydrates 47.1g
Proteins 1.2g


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