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Kenyu Warm Girls' Body Care Small Gel Warmers - 1 pcs

Kenyu Warm Girls' Body Care Small Gel Warmers - 1 pcs

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    • It is a gel type body warmer that can be easily used just by microwave.
    • It is convenient when you want a little warmth, such as when you want to warm your stomach or summer air conditioning measures.
    • The soft hydrated gel conveys a pleasant warmth.
    • With a thermal brushed cover, you can heat it in the microwave with the gel bag in the cover.
    • It's a pink cover with a cute heart embroidery. The cover can be removed and washed.
    • It's an affordable and easy-to-use size.
  • It can be used repeatedly and is economical.

How to use
(1) Put the gel bag into the cover.
(2) Place the gel bag in the center of the microwave while the cover is in the cover.
Wipe clean the stains in the microwave.
Warm while in the cover.
(3) Check the high frequency output (wattage), and make sure to heat the microwave for the following time.
500W: 50 seconds
600W: 40 seconds
Be sure to heat it with a microwave function. (Does not use oven or steam function)
Do not heat above the indicated time.
Auto and unset modes are not used.
(4) Place in the area you want to warm up. (For those with sensitive skin should be worn over clothing, etc.) )

Precautions for use

    • Please do not heat it more than the indicated time or heat it outside the microwave oven.
    • Please check the high-frequency output (wattage) of the microwave oven and never heat it except for the heating time specified in the method of use.
    • Overheating in warm or automatic mode is excessively overheating. Please don't do it.
    • Do not give a strong impact or contact with pointed things (there is a risk of rupture).
    • Do not apply the gel bag directly to the skin or to a certain area for a long time (there is a risk of low temperature burns).
    • Please do not eat the contents of the gel bag.
  • Please read the precautions carefully before using it.
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