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KINCHO DANIKONAZU Dust Mite Repellent for Bedding

KINCHO DANIKONAZU Dust Mite Repellent for Bedding

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This repellent is easily used by simply putting it under bedding or pillows while sleeping.

Naturally derived components and new functional fragrance combine to repel mites.

Naturally derived components repel mites.

This repellent is formulated with naturally derived components contained in lemon eucalyptus.

New functional fragrance enhances the mite repelling effect.

The fragrance masks the odor of the components contained in sweat and body odors that attract mites.

"The relaxing green fragrance" is best suited for sleeping.

The "fresh forest fragrance" and the formulated eucalyptus oil help you fall asleep.

The green tea extract has a good deodorizing effect.

The extract eliminates unpleasant odors in bedding and pillows.

Mites proliferate if the following three conditions are met.

The soft material is comfortable to use with bedding and pillows.

How to use

  • Take it out of the orange bag and place it where the tick is concerned (approximate: 1 sheet per futon). Please fill in the date after 3 months with an oil-based pen, etc. on the replacement label, and paste it on the tick catching sheet as a guide for replacement.
  • After use, please throw it away according to the local government's instructions.

Precautions for use

  • Adhering to the prescribed usage method and do not use it for purposes other than that.
  • Both the attractant and the adhesive do not contain insecticide ingredients, but should be installed in a place where children and pets do not touch it so that they do not eat it by mistake.
  • Do not take out the contents of the net bag (natural hemp, adhesive, etc.). If the adhesive gets on your skin, hair, clothes, etc. due to tearing the net bag, carefully wipe it off with cooking oil and wash it well with soap and water.
  • Because it contains food ingredients favored by mites, it has a slight smell.
  • If there is an abnormality in the body, stop using it immediately.
  • Because this product uses natural hemp, the fiber may fall off.


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