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Kobayashi Cooling Gel Patch For Adult - 6pcs

Kobayashi Cooling Gel Patch For Adult - 6pcs

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The gel with plenty of moisture absorbs the heat.

  • You can use it immediately for your family's sudden fever.
  • The cooling power is about 8 hours with a gel sheet with a cool feeling.
  • It sticks tightly to the forehead. It's hard to peel off even if you turn over.
  • A mildly acidic sheet that is gentle on the skin.

The commitment of the hot sheet that works for a while

  • (1) Commitment to taking heat
    The plenty of moisture contained in the heat sheet absorbs heat and evaporates, so it will continue to cool the skin temperature by -2°C even after about 8 hours.
    ※According to the cooling test in the following indoor 25°C environment
    Commitment to taking heat
  • (2) Commitment to coldness
    It contains a "cold capsule" of crush. The coldness gradually works later and keeps the cold feeling for a long time.
    Commitment to coldness
  • *If the sheet is warm but wet, the cooling effect continues well.

How to use

  • Peel off the transparent film and stick it to the part you want to cool.
  • *After opening, fold the cut twice along the dotted line, prevent the unused portion from touching the outside air, and store it in the box of this product.
  • If you are sweating, wipe it well before using it. Also, if you repeat the re-paste, the sticking will get worse, so avoid it as much as possible.
  • If you don't feel the effect, replace it.
  • This product can only be used once per piece for hygiene and function.
  • If you store it in a refrigerator and use it chilled, you can get a more cooling effect. ( You can't enter the freezer. There is a possibility that the product function is inferior.)
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