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KOCOSTART - Long Boots Moisture & Cooling Pack

KOCOSTART - Long Boots Moisture & Cooling Pack

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The best solution for rough, overworked, and dry feet. This pro-grade socks filled with botanical essences will turn your feet soft and moist.

Simply open the pouch and wear the socks for instant hydration and nourishment. Integrated stickers will provide personal fit around your ankles.

After 20 minutes of wearing, it will make your rough, cracked and dried feet into moisture, nourished feet, Foot Moisture Pack.

Enriched & Excellent Moisturizing effect on your feet through special skin care similar to service from an Esthetic Skin Care Shop

This new one touch-foot mask provides moistures and nutrition on our skin and it smooth rough foot skin from our stressful environment.

This cares your feet with rich moisture though similar service from Esthetic skin care shop and your feet will be renewed as baby foot.

Why is it special?

Effect of Foot Moisture Pack

1) It cares dry feet with special moisturizing effect and delivers nutrition into the deep skin.

2) Essence inside  involves various nutritional plant extract which is excellent for skin care.

3) 3 layer system (Essence – Moisture – Moisture cover) improves the skin condition with better result.


1. Wash your feet and Take Foot Moisture Pack from a pouch

2. Cut glove sheet separately from the center dotted line

3. Wear Foot Moisture Pack on both foot and tight by sticker link pad

Leave on for about 20 minutes for feet to absorb solution before removing Pack


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