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Kokando Byurakku Constipation Relief Pills (400 Tablets)

Kokando Byurakku Constipation Relief Pills (400 Tablets)

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For stubborn constipation!! Drink before going to bed and feel refreshed in the morning

With the Westernization of eating habits, the number of people suffering from constipation is increasing.

Viewlac A is an irritant laxative that acts directly on the colon mucosa, and it is a constipation drug that can be expected to be gentle the next morning by promoting peristalsis of the large intestine and taking it before going to bed.

The main component, Bisacotil, stimulates the mucous membranes of the large intestine to activate the azene movement of the intestine, and also stimulates defecation reflexes and promotes defecation.

It has a stronger effect and more effective effect than constipation drugs (large yellow and senna).
It is suitable for those who suffer from stubborn and habitual constipation.

Efficacy and effect
Relief of the following symptoms associated with constipation: head weight, swelling, skin swelling, blowouts, loss of appetite (attenuation of appetite), abdominal bloating, intestinal abnormal fermentation, hemorrhoids

Usage and dosage
Take the next dose without chewing it with water or hot water before going to bed.

However, for the first time, please use the minimum amount and increase or reduce the amount little by little while looking at the condition and condition of the stool.

Adults (15 years old and older) 1 dose: 2 to 3 tablets, 1 daily dose: 1 time
11 to 15 years old 1 dose: 1 to 2 tablets 1 day 1 dose: 1 time
Children under 11 years old Do not take it.

Notes related to usage and dosage
(1) Please strictly follow the prescribed usage and dosage.
(2) This medicine is a constipation medicine with a strong effect, so please be careful when taking it.
(3) If you have a child take it, please let them take it under the guidance and supervision of a parent or guardian.
(4) This medicine is an intestinal solvent tablet, so please take it as it is without chewing, breaking, or crushing the tablet.
(5) Take it on an empty stomach.
(6) Do not take it within an hour after taking an anti-acid agent or milk.
(7) How to take out tablets
Press the convex part of the PTP sheet with the tablet with your fingertips, tear the aluminum foil on the back, take it out and drink it. ( If you swallow it as it is, it will lead to unexpected accidents such as being pierced into the esophageal mucosa.)

Ingredients and portions

During the daily dose (3 tablets)


Bisacocil [2-(4,4'-diacetoxydiphenylmethyl)pyridine] Volume: 15mg

As additives, lactose hydrate, cellulose, cropovidone, methacrylate copolymer S, methacrylate copolymer LD, sodium lauryl sulfate, polysorbate 80, hypromellose, triethyl citrate, talc, white sugar It contains gum, arabic, titanium oxide, macrogor, povidone, carnauba wax, magnesium stearate, and red No. 3.

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