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KRACIE Ichikami Pre-Extra Damagecare Shinymoist Pump - Shampoo/Treatment

KRACIE Ichikami Pre-Extra Damagecare Shinymoist Pump - Shampoo/Treatment

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Premium damage care series focusing on "the power of Japanese herbs" and "heat" as a result of Japanese women's hair research. Every time you dry it, you have beautiful hair. 

The "Shiny Moist" line that leads to smooth, shiny and moist hair, even if it's dry. 

Contains concentrated repair ingredient "rice bran fermentation introduction serum"*1. It repairs the inside of the hair that has been hollowed by damage.

Contains finger-to-gloss and gloss-up ingredients "Carefully selected Japanese herbal extract"*2. It makes your fingers smooth and gives it luster.

Contains "Heat Repair Coat Ingredients" *3. Seal the heat of the dryer on your side with the cuticle. 

Glow Japanese cherry blossom scent (flavoring with natural cherry essence)

Fluffy foam non-silicone shampoo

Amino acid system *4, betaine system *5 cleaning ingredients used

Sulfate-free (no sulfuric acid surfactant)

Synthetic coloring free


*1 Rice bran fermented liquid, sake lees extract, diethyl cevasinate, glycerin, 

*2 Rice bran extract, rice germ oil, tea seed oil, (Dihydroxymethylsilylpropoxy)

*3 Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Silk, 

*4 Lauroyl methylalanine Na, 

*5 Lauramidpropyl betaine

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