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Laurier Lingerie Foaming Detergent 80ml

Laurier Lingerie Foaming Detergent 80ml

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For menstrual blood stains and discharge stains on underwear that you are worried about. The foam decomposes even if it's time-consuming and blood stains! Push the foam and put it on the washing machine as it is. A lingerie foam detergent that does not require fir washing or attaching.

●Attack cleaning technology

●White floral scent

How to Use

Remove the cap and press the pump (blue) to make a bubble and it will come out.
Before washing, foam directly on dirt such as menstrual blood and discharge during menstruation, and immediately wash it with detergent with other washed items.

★Whair, silk, water washing is not allowed, and it is not used for "neutral detergent" clothing.
★Do not leave it after application or apply it with the undiluted liquid of bleach.
※If there is solid dirt, remove it in advance.
※Due that has been extremely long may not be removed.

Precautions for use

Do not use for other purposes.
●Don't put it within children's reach.
●Be careful where you put it to prevent accidental ingestion of people with dementia.
●If you are rough or wash your hands with undiluted solution, use rubber gloves, etc.
●If liquid adheres to marble or some plastics, it may discolor, so wipe it with water immediately.
● Cover after use.


Surfactant [7%, fatty acid amide propylamine oxide], metal blockade agent, alkali agent, stabilizer, pH regulator, dispersant

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