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LOREAL Paris Revitalift Filler HA Line Smoothing Replumping 1pc

LOREAL Paris Revitalift Filler HA Line Smoothing Replumping 1pc

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As time passes, skin aging becomes evident through the loss of collagen, the appearance of dry and fine lines, and a slowing down of the skin's renewal process, making it harder for it to recover on its own. After years of scientific research, L'Oréal has created the Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Hydro Filler Ampoule Fresh-Infused Velvet Cream Mask, featuring innovative liquid-film partitioning that concentrates the freshness of Pro-Xylane and releases it within the high-absorption power of the seaweed essence mask sheet. This deeply hydrates the skin and effectively reduces wrinkles.

Skin Type

All Skin Type


It contains high-purity hyaluronic acid to fight against the traces of years. The membrane cloth combines hyaluronic acid essence to moisturize the skin for a long time, as if it forms a water lock on the surface of the skin. Lighten fine lines and make your skin more elastic.

How to use

1. Hold the blue liner with both hands and gently apply the mask to the face.

2. Apply the mask evenly to the back of the face and remove the blue lining.

3. Remove the mask in 15 minutes.

4. Gently massage the face to promote the absorption of essence.

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