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MAPUTI White Cream 100ml

MAPUTI White Cream 100ml

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Renewal version of the popular No. 1 product of the MAPUTI series! " With the theme of "high performance, high quality, and luxury", a cream for delicate zones to prevent odor, dryness, and blackheads. Because it contains our own long fragrance ingredients, if you apply it to clean skin after taking a bath until the cream becomes transparent, the glossy and sexy scent will last all day the next day.

Because it is a product that is applied to important parts, it is weakly acidic, 7 free (petroleum-based surfactant free, paraben-free, synthetic coloring free, mineral oil free, alcohol free, silicon free, synthetic polymer free), made in Japan, and safe and secure You can use it.

Cream for delicate zone

 After shampooing, you'll have a treatment, right?

After applying lotion, you apply milky lotion, right?

 The number of people who are changing to delicate zone soap has increased in Japan, but there are still few people who use special cream!

 Because it is an important part that only women have, taking care of it properly is a trick that does not cause trouble!

 If you have problems with odor, dryness, or darkening, please try it once♪

[Representative recommended number of pump pushes]

〇Delicate zone: Push 2 to 3 times

〇Bus top: 1 to 2 pushes

〇Wide (one side): 1 to 2 pushes

〇Emp (one side): 2 to 3 pushes

〇Hone knee (one side): 3 to 4 times push

〇Oshiri: 3 to 4 times push

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