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MEDREPAIR Rejuvenating Repairing Mask 110g

MEDREPAIR Rejuvenating Repairing Mask 110g

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MEDREPAIR Rejuvenating Repairing Mask

Hyaluronic Acid Hydration Soothing Brighten Complexion

Production Licence No.] LU CHENG 20160017

Scope of Application] Can be used for many skin types.

Specification] 110g

Multi-effect [age], firming illusion, blue copper peptide + 4D hyaluronic acid light ageing firming repair mask.
The pace of life is accelerating and the crisis of aging is raging. Nutrient loss, lines, seasonal sensitivity, late nights, oxidation and dullness.

The Mibelle Firming Mask gives you a 15-minute boost. Effectively soothes and hydrates.
1Repairs and soothes in time
2Enhances skin texture and elasticity
3Continuously brightens and refreshes
4Deeply repair and nourish

A touch of youthfulness, dual-action anti-aging.
l Blue Copper Peptide weakens fine lines, repairs underneath the skin, enhances the skin's self-healing function, reduces stress and sensitivity, and slows down the speed of aging.
l Beech Firming Extract makes your skin plumped up, and the Q-bouncy girl's skin reappears, tightens the facial line and promotes the collagen production.

Patented ingredients added, 4D Hyaluronic Acid & Ximin Repair™ make you delicate +13.57%, texture -15.48%.
Huaxi's 20 years of specialised research has redefined Hyaluronic Acid.
1D Protection: Hyaluronic acid elastomers form water storage armour outside the skin.
2D translucent: large molecule HA reduces water loss
3D Moisture: Acetylated Hyaluronic Acid, lipophilic HA, creating hydration and translucency.
4D Lock: MiniHA + Ximinxu™, underneath the skin hydration, transdermal absorption rate of 69.5%.

Age-defying, firming and illuminating. Multi-Essence, Intensive Ratio: Malachite Extract for cleansing, Beech Firming Extract for plumping, Amazonian White Clay for clarifying, Guaiacwood Repairing Extract for soothing.

After using our products
-80% of testers felt their skin had fewer fine lines.
-95% of testers felt their skin was firmer and more supple.
-95% of our testers felt their skin was more refined.

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