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Meiji Macadamia

Meiji Macadamia

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The secret of deliciousness is traditional roast.

It is a long-selling product with carefully selected macadamia nuts that bring out the flavor and sweetness in milk chocolate. You can enjoy the soft texture of macadamia and the mellow melt in your mouth.

Name Chocolates
Name of raw material Sugar (made in foreign countries), macadamia nuts, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, vegetable oils and fats, cocoa butter, lactose, creaming powder/emulsifier, flavoring, (some contain milk ingredients and soybeans)
Contents 9 grains
How to save Store in a cool place below 28°C.


Nutrition facts per box (64g)

Energy 388 kcal
Proteins 4.5g
Lipids 28.1g
Carbohydrates 30.2g
-Carbohydrates 28.2g
- Dietary fiber 2.0g
Equivalent to salt 0.08g

Cacao Polyphenols 218mg / 1 box
Oleic acid 11.5g / 1 box
Palmitrenic acid 1.7g / 1 box

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