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Momopuri Moisturizing barrier emulsion - 150ml

Momopuri Moisturizing barrier emulsion - 150ml

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To good skin every day

Contains lactic acid bacteria*1 for skin moisture, peach ceramides *2 & 3 kinds of ceramides *3 contained in domestic peach juice, and moisturizing carry amino acid *4.
It supports the barrier function of the skin and leads to plump peach skin in good condition every day.

Lactic acid bacteria Contains lactic acid bacteria "K-1 strain" that focus on resident bacteria on the skin. " Apply lactic acid bacteria*1" for elastic skin.
Peach ceramide Contains the moisturizing serum ingredient "Peach Ceramide*2" that sticks to domestic products. I'm aiming for plump peach skin.
POLE kink Bergamot fruit extract
Moisturizing ingredients Vitamin C derivative*5, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E*6
Add amino acids and keep the barrier

Newly formulated with moisturizing carry amino acid*4.
It penetrates smoothly*7 into the skin, blends without stickiness, and keeps the moisture barrier.

To plump skin with thick milky lotion

It delivers the necessary moisture to the skin properly and leads to smooth and plump peach skin.

It moisturizes well even though it's not sticky.

It penetrates moisture firmly to the back of the skin *7, so it is moist and plump without stickiness.
You can use it comfortably all season.

Moisturizing power UP! Liquid shea butter combination

Formulated with shea butter that blends well with the skin and gives a high moisturizing feeling.
It is lighter and feels better to improve the moisturizing power of the milky lotion.

Slightly peach scent
Allergy tested

It doesn't mean that allergies don't happen to everyone.

How to use

After lotion, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and apply it to the entire face.

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