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MQURE Deep Moist & Repair - Shampoo 450 ml

MQURE Deep Moist & Repair - Shampoo 450 ml

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Repair damaged hair damaged by QURE keratin*2 while gently washing the scalp with amino acid-based ingredients


  • FANTASYFloral and aroma scent

    Focusing on lavender, the freshness of lemon, lime, orange, geranium, and ylang-ylang gorgeousness are added, finished in an image of herbs, and the scent of floral aroma composed only of natural oils


  • γ-Docosa Ractone (repairing ingredient)
    Take care of the damage with the heat of the dryer and iron as your ally. For smooth, finger-like shiny hair.
  • 5 types of ceramides*3
    Nano-sized highly moisturizing ceramide penetrates deep into the hair. For a finish full of moisture up to the ends of the hair.

    *3 Ceramide AG, Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, Ceramide EOP, Ceramide NG (Repairing Ingredients)

  • Willow herb *4 x peptide *5
    Contains willow herbs to balance moisture. It also moisturizes dryness caused by heat and ultraviolet rays and creates a healthy scalp environment.

    *4 willow flower/leaf/stem extract (moisturizing ingredient)
    *5 Hexacarboxymethyldipeptide-12 (moisturizing ingredient)

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