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Night Diet enzyme NIGHT DIET新谷酵素夜间黑金加强版

Night Diet enzyme NIGHT DIET新谷酵素夜间黑金加强版

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Contains 7 kinds of support ingredients with the original enzyme "Aspergillus bacillus oryster cultured bygeria extract powder" newly developed by Shintani Koso!

A living enzyme that uses whole natural ingredients. Even for late-night rice, the series uses the real living enzyme "Shintani Koso".

Among them, the enzyme of "Even late at night is extreme" is [Aspergillus ore mold cultured sub-grain extract powder] made by [Aspergillus oryeria biofermentation activity method]. It is a living enzyme that uses all natural materials.

Name Foods containing rice malt powder
Name of raw material Fermented malt extract powder (maltodextrin, maltodus rice fermented extract) (manufactured in India), rice malt powder, isomalt oligosaccharide powder, papaya processed products (maltodextrin, papaya extract), yeast peptide, fermented koji mushroom subgrain extract powder (aspergillus sub- Fermented extract, dromite), turmeric extract powder, yeast, indigestible dextrin, Keihi powder, spore-based lactic acid bacteria, alpha-lipoic acid (thioctate), ginger extract powder, virgin coconut oil powder, L-carnitine fumarate, Gimnema silvester extract powder, black pepper extract / crystalline cellulose, calcium stearate, fine silicon dioxide, niacin, chitintosan powder, V.B2, V.B1, V.B6, folic acid, (some contain crab, soybeans and sesame)
Estimated intake 1 to 3 packages a day (6-18 tablets)
Nutritional indication 6 tablets (per 1.5 g) ● Energy / 5.835 kcal ● Protein / 0.201 g ● Fat / 0.060 g ● Carbohydrates / 1.124 g ● Salt equivalent / 0.00165 g Enzyme 720 mg ● Asperg Malted malt culture extract / 250 m g●Azae mold cultured sub-grain extract powder / 80 mg ● Other / 390 mg

Made in Japan


How to eat

As a health supplement, please take 1 to 3 packs (6 to 18 tablets) a day with water or lukewarm water as a day.

Foods containing allergens

Specified ingredients Crab and shrimp According to specific ingredients Soybean sesame seeds

Precautions for use

Because it uses natural ingredients, the color tone may be different, but there is no problem with the quality. In rare cases, it may not fit depending on your constitution and physical condition. In that case, please reduce the amount or stop using it. Keep out of reach of children.


45g (250mg x 6 tablets) x 30 packets
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