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NKM-01 Nonkuma, 2-Pack (4 Sheets)

NKM-01 Nonkuma, 2-Pack (4 Sheets)

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Reduces the appearance of bags under your eyes by improving blood circulation.
Just place it on your tired eyes and let the far-infrared ray-generating sheet's thermal effects fight unsightly bags under your eyes!

Contents: 2 sheets (4)
Materials: non-woven cloth, styrene-type thermoplastic elastomeric adhesive gel
Size: 9.2 x 1 x 14.7cm
Item Weight [G]: 14
Made in Japan

Handling Precautions:
・Refrain from using together with cosmetics containing colorings.
・Do not use on places with eczema, a rash, wound or mucous membrane.
・Should you observe an allergic reaction due to the adhesive such as a rash, discontinue use immediately.
・After use, it may hurt when peeling off from the skin, so it is recommended to use this after toning your skin with lotion etc. *Adhesiveness is extremely weak when using on wet skin so, wait for skin lotion to dry before using.
・If you use while sleeping, it will peel off easily. It may adhere to other places and lose adhesiveness.

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