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PDC Wa Food Made Sake lees Cleansing Balm (Mini Size) - 20g

PDC Wa Food Made Sake lees Cleansing Balm (Mini Size) - 20g

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A melting rich serum cleansing balm containing 10 kinds of serum ingredients*. Wash off makeup dirt & dullness** to improve transparency! Sake lees = Sake lees extract (moisturizing ingredient) *Moisturizing ingredient **Old keratin

Recommended for people like this!
  • I'm interested in sake lees beauty.
  • I want more transparency for my skin
  • that is worried about dullness*2 and dryness. I want
  • to remove makeup without rubbing strongly.
Contains 10 kinds of beauty essence ingredients*1
Moisturize well and improve transparency

Fluffy old dead skin cells, remove makeup dirt and dullness※2 cleanly with no friction.
Moisturize well with 10 kinds of serum ingredients for clear skin.

Like a thick amazake
Thick balm
After washing, it's moist and chewy

A rich balm that melts at skin temperature, just like amazake. It blends quickly with makeup, washes up and is moist and chewy.

How to use

With your hands dry, take an appropriate amount (a cup of spatula pile attached) in your hand and blend it with makeup.
After that, rinse well with water or lukewarm water.


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