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Pola BA Tablets Pola 抗糖丸 30% off

Pola BA Tablets Pola 抗糖丸 30% off

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POLA BA The Tablets Beauty Collagen is a beauty supplement from POLA top-of-the-line brand “B.A” (Bio Active). Enriched with YAC extract that is contained in the B.A skincare series and SAR extract that provides support for YAC extract. Also enriched with Herb Quartet extracted from four types of herbs, collagen peptide and olive fruit extract to build a foundation for beauty. Rich herb and fruity flavour. Suggested dosage: two tablets per day taken in the morning. Key Ingredients Ch-A Extract ( POLA’s original ingredient), YAC extract (POLA’s original ingredient), SAR extract, herbal quartet, olive fruit extract, collagen peptide Contains Gelatin,Salmon,Walnut.

Producer: POLA Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 1 bag = 60 tablets for 1 month
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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