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Relax Q Hot Earrings Warmer - 10 pairs

Relax Q Hot Earrings Warmer - 10 pairs

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I want to arrange it in a little while. But it's a new sense of self-care goods that is perfect for those who don't have time.

You don't choose where to use a cute appearance, and you don't have to worry even if you can see it. So you can use it anytime.

It's also perfect for a petit pre-gift that will make you happy with a small gift!

There is no doubt that you can say that you wanted something like this.

5 designs that are cute even if you can see it

The design with a pattern, which is rare as a care product, was developed with the desire to use it anytime, anywhere. It is a new feeling of care goods that are cute even if you can see it, and you will want to show it, and it is a new product that you can feel "prepared" at the same time as a fashion feeling like earrings.

It's refreshing during a short break in 15 minutes

When you want to take a short break while working on your computer or looking at your smartphone! RelaxQ is active in such a gap time. It is your busy side, not only during coffee time and lunch, but also during travel time, before holidays, between housework, when you are tired of studying, etc.

It's small, so it's easy to carry

With its compact size, it can be carried at any time, such as going to work or going to school, and it is convenient to carry. Put it in your bag and always leave it by your side. The actual product size is about 2.5 cm, even if there are 12 pieces in it, it is very light and does not take up space, and it will not interfere with your usual luggage.

The heat of ginger powder

The product contains ginger powder as a fragrance. The adhesive has a slight scent of ginger as a fragrance. Please feel relaxed while enjoying the scent of ginger.

It can be used not only for ears but also for various places

Warm your ears. RelaxQ can also be used in other places. If you have a small face and small ears, the back of your ears is recommended. In addition, you can use it in any place, such as neck and shoulders, but also in your waist, legs, and back of your hands.


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