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UNIMAT Riken Zoo Blueberry + Lutein 150 Tablets

UNIMAT Riken Zoo Blueberry + Lutein 150 Tablets

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Blueberry Juice Powder Lutein and Vitamin A Blueberry Flavor Chewable type that is delicious to chew without water ○ For those who have a lot of desk work, games, and reading, 2 tablets of Blueberry Juice Powder 44mg, Lutein 0.44mg, Vitamin A 250μg Can be taken.

How to use

Please be sure to chew 2 tablets a day as a guide. Dosage Form / Shape Chewable Tablet


Glucose, malt sugar, starch, maltodextrin, blueberry juice powder, citric acid, crystalline cellulose, fragrance, silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, sweetener (aspartame / L-phenylalanine compound) , Vitamin A, Marigold pigment

Energy per 2 tablets (2g): 7.42kcal Protein: 0g Lipid: 0.04g Carbohydrate: 1.76g Sodium: 0.04mg Vitamin A: 250μg Blueberry juice powder: 44mg Lutein: 0.44mg Usage and dosage

JAN: 4903361672922

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