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Rohto Lycee Eye Drops 8ml

Rohto Lycee Eye Drops 8ml

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Rohto Lycée Eyedrops

Rohto Lycée

For Fatigued and tired eyes

We tend to use makeup to enhance and define the most important feature –our Eyes. Unfortunately makeup alone cannot disguise tiredness or dullness of eyes.

Rohto Lycée Eyedrops relieves the redness in eyes and helps in achieving crystal clear eyes, thus making your first impression a lasting one.

When can I use Rohto Lycée Eyedrops?

  • Irritated eyes due to lack of sleep.

  • Eye fatigue due to reading or using smartphone.

  • Eye irritation due to UV.

  • Before a date!

Key points of Lycée Eyedrops

  • Redness reliever

    Tetrahydrozoline - Relieves red eye, making the white of the eyes clearer and brighter.
  • Cornea treatment ingredient

    Sodium chondroitin sulphate - Protects the cornea and soothes tired eyes.
  • Eye fatigue care

    Pink vitamin (B12) - Relaxes muscles around the eyes to relieve tired eyes.
  • UV damage care

    Zinc sulphate - Alleviates inflammation caused by Ultraviolet rays.
  • With Rose fragrance

Directions to use

Instill 1~3 drops at a time for each eye. Can be used up to 6 times in a day.

Rohto Lycée Contact

Rohto Lycée Contact

For contact lens users

Contact lens users are prone to dryness or discomfort due to prolonged use of contacts. They need to give their eyes some extra love and use products specially tailored for contacts.
Discover Rohto's sophisticated formulation, Rohto Lycée contact which is designed to mitigate troubles caused by wearing contacts.

Rohto Lycée Contact is best useful in the following scenarios

  • Dry eyes due to contacts.

  • Blurry vision.

  • Discomfort in wearing contacts.

  • Hard to wear contacts.

Key points of Lycée Contact

  • Moisturization for contact lens

    Hypromellose - Helps to relieve dryness in eyes.
  • Cornea treatment ingredient

    Sodium Chondroitin Sulphate - Protects cornea and provides moisturization.
  • Effective for different types of contact lenses

    Can be used with soft, hard, O2, disposable and color contact lens.

  • Viscous Agent

    Sodium Hyaluronate - Rich texture that spreads evenly and gently on the eye.

Additional function

Additional function
Contact lens wetting solution

Can be used as lubricating drops for insertion of prescription contacts or color contacts.

Directions to use

Instill 1~3 drops at a time for each eye. Can be used up to 6 times in a day.

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