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Rohto Z Eye Drops Cooling 12ml

Rohto Z Eye Drops Cooling 12ml

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It's effective for eye fatigue and hyperemia! A refreshing feeling like waking up

"Rohto Z" is an eye drops that refresh your tired eyes with a refreshing feeling like waking up.

Contains ingredients and hyperemia removers that activate the function of the eyes and promote metabolism. Contains zinc sulfate hydrate to suppress inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays.

When you want to refresh your tired eyes, such as sports or driving for a long time. It is characterized by a balanced formula that can respond to various eye problems and a refreshing refreshing feeling.

Adopting a "free-angle nozzle" that can eye drops at any angle. The color of the liquid is colorless and transparent.

Efficacy and effect

Eye fatigue, prevention of eye diseases (such as when dust and sweat enter the eyes after swimming), eye inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays and other rays (such as snow eyes), discomfort when wearing hard contact lenses, conjunctival hyperemia, itching of the eyes, eye blementitis (eyelid only) (e), haze of the eyes.
Usage and dosage
Do 2 to 3 drops at a time, 5-6 eye drops a day.
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.05%, Neosethigmin methyl sulfate 0.003%, Galvan sulfate hydrate 0.05%, Chrolphenylamine maleate 0.03%, Vitamin B6 0.1%, L-Asparagus Potassium phosphate 1%

*Additives include boric acid, uronate, l-menthol, d-canflu, peppermint oil, sodium edate, polyoxyethylene-cured castor oil, hypromellose, chlorrobtanol, and pH regulator.
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